Water as a renewable energy source

The use of hydro energy for work is as old as human civilization itself. Due to its relative inexhaustibility, it is almost infinite potential up to the present. While in the late of Middle Ages its use was limited by the transfer of water power for the mechanical drive of simple machines (mills, hammers),in the Modern time and related industrial production caused the need to optimize the use of watercourses to the maximum extent to drive as many devices at once (simple turbines with transmissions for spinners, paper mills, etc.).
With the discovery of electricity use, water machines have been adapted for reliable drives (mainly factory) engines (generators) and finally, the construction of distribution networks with reliable hydroelectric power plant became part of the system of electricity produced.
Thanks to their predictability, decentralization and reliability, they are a welcome addition to energy.

The advantages of small hydropower plants

Hydropower plants are the most environmentally friendly energy sources. They do not produce any emissions or waste, run without fuel supply and do not have high maintenance. Compared to photovoltaic or wind power plants, does not fluctuate the amount of electricity produced by them, according to alternating day and night or instantaneous weather changes. Deliveries can be better planned with no overloading of the power system. Compared to solar power, it brings several other benefits, whether in terms of the usable capacity of the installed kWp or the complementarity of the production distributed over the year, especially during the spring and winter months.
Small hydropower plants up to 10 MW (MVE) in the Czech Republic is currently the only source that draws on the electricity produced operating subsidy for a period of 30 years from commissioning.

Construction and operation of power plants

SOLAR GLOBAL Water a.s. was established to diversify the portfolio of renewable sources into hydropower plants. With the help of development and acquisitions, we will accumulate the MVE portfolio in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (with a possible overlap in other countries), with the ambition to acquire hydropower plants up to 10 MW of installed power capacity.


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