Service of Inverters

Solar Global offers service of inverters; especially we specialize in servicing of central Satcon inverters. We provide a smooth continuation of the service previously provided by Satcon.

Based on customers specific requirements we are able to design solutions and prepare a quote for services of central inverters Satcon:

  • individual solutions based on a prior agreement with the customer
  • service support programs and semi / annual preventive controls for a period of 1-5yrs
  • service of Satcon inverters included within a complete photovoltaic power plants service

Our service technicians are trained and certified directly from the manufacturer in Canada and we are authorized to perform:

  • smooth continuation of services previously provided by Satcon
  • regular preventive controls according to manufacturer's instructions
  • monitoring the operation of the inverters in real-time and remote fault diagnosis
  • servicing and troubleshooting, with a guaranteed response time
  • monitoring center on daily basis, weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • optimizing the performance of the PV system
  • stocking spare parts for the different types of central inverters Satcon

Within these activities we offer and provide servicing with guaranteed response times.

Currently, we are monitoring the production of PV plants with an installed capacity of nearly 50MWp with central Satcon inverters (250 kW, 500 kW). Our monitoring center uses a sophisticated monitoring system independent from the original monitoring system of Satcon.

Our service technicians have a lot of experience with Satcon inverters from PV plant construction, when since 2009, regularly performed commissioning of 240 units of central inverters Satcon. The training experience gained in Canada and applied when connecting, commissioning and servicing of these inverters across Europe as the basis for their daily service operations.

In addition to servicing central inverters, Satcon inverters also perform services from other producers according to the following list:

  • SMA (central and decentralized)
  • Fronius
  • Vacon
  • Kaco
  • Kostal
  • Power One


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