Solar Global Service a.s.

We are a leading Czech service provider to photovoltaic power plant operators in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in terms of both number of serviced power plants and the serviced capacity.

Our complex services mainly include the following:
› day-to-day monitoring of production and reporting
› periodical preventive inspections and audits of power plant technological equipment
› service actions to eliminate eventual failures and maintenance


Solar Global Service a.s. provides services at the highest level for the entire life of the power plants. It has the quality management system certified according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 that confirms high-quality and professional services adapted and standardized in internal procedures, as well as within the external relationships. The objective of our company is to improve efficiency and environmental friendliness in production and utilization of energies, in particular, from renewable resources.

Our headquarters in Uherské Hradiště enables to monitor production of the power plants and to provide maintenance services at the highest professional level. Any and all activities are performed by a team of trained and certified specialists with the state-of-the art technology available.

Solar Global Service a.s. is a service partner to inverter manufacturers, such as SMA, Satcon, Fronius, Kaco, PowerOne, Vacon, Kostal and others. Our employees are specialists in photovoltaic and energy with many years of experience in these sectors.

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Solar Global Service, a.s.
Okružní 741,
686 05 Uherské Hradiště

Identification number: 24784532
VAT: CZ24784532

+420 533 433 999

Zdeněk Tříska
Chief Executive Officer
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Jana Tománková
Assistant Executive Director
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Roman Skalický
business-technical manager
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Ing. Aleš Dobřecký
key account manager
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Dušan Karafiát
Head of Dispatching and IT
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Marcel Malůšek
vedoucí servisu
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