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22.3.2017   |   PRICES   | spot: OTE -  Base load 36,70 €/MWh, Peak load 40,79 €/MWh,   |   EPEX - Base load 35,50 €/MWh,   |   futures: EEX - Cal18 28,65 €/MWh, Mar17 29,17 €/MWh   |   PXE - Cal18 28,65 €/MWh

Global Solar Energy, Inc.

Solar Global Energy, a.s. is part of a group called Solar Global, one of the leading Czech solar power producer. Our primary goal is to launch and grow power trading for tens of our own photovoltaic power plants. This would ultimately lead towards creation of a virtual power plant, where production of green energy from solar, wind and biogas meets the consumption of industrial consumers and wholesale market participants.


We deal with solar energy as well as from our own plants, e.g.:

Vřesovice, capacity: 3,0 MWp

Where to find us


Bredovský dvůr,
Olivova 2096/4,
110 00 Prague 1

Company registration number: 04715012

+420 777 889 640

Bredovský Dvůr Centre